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5 ways to the perfect Work-life balance

Work-life balance is no myth even if the only word that’s on your mind all week is WORK, and it’s all you eat, sleep and drink. Even if you love what you do, too much of anything is never good. You scarcely get any ‘ME’ time and it’s gradually driving you insane.

Work-life Balance

How to keep you from going berserk and attain the perfect work-life balance?

Here is what you can do:

1. Prioritize

Stress is one of the biggest enemies you would have to face at work. You are always tied down with things to do, places to be or people to meet. You have deadlines and somehow there never is time for anything else. Bring focus to your basic needs like a balanced meal or a good nap and a well-deserved break instead of caffeinating yourself every half hour.

2. Don’t complicate things

Having a proper routine will allow you to plan your week accordingly, giving yourself more free time during the weekend and maybe even during the week. If you think you spend too much time on deciding what to wear every day or what to pack for lunch, then don’t. Plan ahead and follow through, it will go more or less the way you want it to thus in a way reducing the stress and workload you usually have to deal with on a daily basis.

3. Break free

Your work life demands so much of your time that your social life is now presumably horrible because of the amount of work you to take home every single day and thus tipping the work-life balance scale. How many dinner plans and trips have you had to cancel because of work? But don’t let that get you down. Use every free minute you get on trying to sort out other plans or issues and NOT on social media. Getting your mind off work for those few minutes will give you the peace you need.

4. Have a work friend

No one would actually understand the amount of stress your life has better than someone from work. So when you have an excess of work or a pile of papers to tackle, take a moment to have a laugh or a casual conversation that will give you both a break from a stressed environment.

5. What happens at work stays at work

Working long hours at the office is already too stressful allowing it to walk through your door will definitely not help your mental or physical health. So when you leave for home from work make sure you DO leave it there.Don’t complain about it more at home that will give it more attention that it needs.Take a well-deserved break once you get home.

Finally remember that any kind of career would demand full output from its employees and so stress and overworking will always be a problem to face. But following a certain routine while keeping facts like leaving work at the workplace and the occasionally permitted outbursts or the proper routine to follow are small but sure ways acquiring the perfect work-life balance.

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Annette George

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