Google started the trend by offering insane perks and benefits to their employees. Since then every startup has jumped on the bandwagon. From office parties, bringing your pets to work (we plead guilty of these) to unlimited vacation days and free Macs, we’ve seen them all.

We’ve got a list of great startups with some awesome perks and the best part is that they are hiring.


Based in Ahemdabad, this startup is trying to get the world fit! With their monthly subscriptions you can join a variety of classes and fitness programs across the city. Everyone in the office is encouraged to lead a class once a month either at their in-house gym, studio or anywhere else. And if you are a part of the team then you get unlimited free fitness options and classes.

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Marching Ants Marketing LLP

Marching Ants, based in Bangalore, partners with companies to help with their Design, Development, Social Media, Marketing and Mobile needs. Marching Ants gives you flexible work hours, every three months you get a lunch and movie outing with your team. To boost creativity and to give you some time off, they also have a gaming room where you can chill out.

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Marching Ants office perks
Marching Ants office             Marching ants office perks


Free laundry, free transportation, free housing, a pool in the office, sleep at work, vacation days, event tickets, free tech, pets are allowed at work, the list of perks is never ending. Locus is a a small startup in Bangalore and their goal is to make your commute safe. Your commute will be tracked and any deviations will be monitored and your friends and family will be notified. You get to do great work and have fun along the way.

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Locus office startup
Locus perks office             Locus perks office dog


A collaborative workplace for startups, across 6 locations, 91springboard has grown in leaps and bounds. With 40+ events every month, there is always something happening here. On a day to day basis you will be meeting the brightest minds in India and interact with founders, investors and mentors. And at the end of the week you can enjoy with a games and chilling session every  Friday at 5PM.

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91springboard work space
91springboard work perks office             91springboard work office perks


Jobspire helps startups and SMEs create an experiential company profile that lets them visually describe their work environment, existing talent and their growth paths and a ton of other things. With “Bring your pet to work” days,  X box, bean bags, office parties, vacation days and an “Alfred”, Jobspire has it all. (And if you like to work in pyjamas, then this might be the place for you)

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Jobspire office
Jobspire office team            Jobspire office


InstaLively helps broadcast your event Live in just a single click.
If you are looking for a place to scratch your creative or technical itch look no further than here. A cool office in Delhi and a lively team, you get perks like flexible work hours which means you can finish your work for the day and leave. Saturday chill out sessions at Saket and Hauz Khas and more.

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InstaLively office Delhi perks
Instalively office perks           Instalively office perks Delhi

If these weren’t enough and you are still looking for more jobs,  then take 60 seconds to register on Jobspire and find more.

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