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7 Companies That Are Going To Be Huge (That’s Why You Should Join Them Now)

Just a couple of years ago, not many people would have considered applying for a job at Facebook. Instead, we would play it safe and apply to stable MNCs. Fast forward to 2015, just look at where Facebook is today. It has become that many times harder to join the company now.

What if you somehow knew back then that Facebook would go on to become a multi-billion dollar business, so that you would have applied for a job.

While we can’t tell you who’s the next Facebook, or Snapchat, or Instagram; we can definitely tell you about a few amazing Startups that are growing at the pace of a rocket escaping the atmosphere of the Earth.

For you guys, here’s a list of 7 up-and-coming companies that we believe will make it big. Join them today, so that you don’t have to regret tomorrow.

1. Haptik – Changing the way people get work done
Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.47.31 PM

Haptik is Everyone’s Personal Assistant – A smartphone app that helps people get shit done over messaging. They are an army of real people, solving real problems in real time over chat. So you could just outsource your headache to a Haptik Assistant with a simple message, sit back and tend to the more important things in life.

Meet the Haptik team:
Haptik team

Haptik is the first app in the world that enables completing tasks, getting product/service information, customer support and commerce over text messaging. A user can now get quick help at his own convenience and in a hassle-free manner.

Welcome to the future!

The personal assistant app company is hiring across several domains. Check out these job openings:

2. Vario.Fitness – One Membership for Unlimited Variety in Workouts profile is a startup whose mission is to liberate fitness seekers from being restricted to one gym or fitness studio. With their monthly membership, users have access to hundreds to different workouts across many hand picked partners in your city and beyond.

Meet the team: team

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: Everyone at gets a free subscription. This means unlimited options to workout!

This Ahmedabad-based Startup is aggressively looking out to hire managers:

3. Airwoot – The world’s most intelligent social customer support helpdesk. Ever.
Airwoot profile

Airwoot is an intelligent social media helpdesk system. It uses advanced machine learning to automatically filter out relevant conversations from the social media chatter. These conversations are usually intent-based e.g. customer queries, critical situations, incidents, engagement replies, etc.

This allows a brand to focus on the vital slice of social media, without much human intervention or monitoring.

Meet the Airwoot team:

Airwoot team

Yes, Audrey is indeed an employee at Airwoot (with perks!).

Here are the job openings at Airwoot:

4. KleverKid – Give your kid the best!
KleverKid office

KleverKid is your one-stop-shop online to find the best possible after-school program and activities in your city. They are making it ridiculously simple for parents to find the best after school coach, teacher, tutor, workshop, and program for their kid by giving them user generated ratings, reviews, pricing, images, videos, blogs, and much more.

They are a bunch of klever kids with a passion to build products that help parents and kids make smarter decisions for all the children out there to succeed. They do it for all the aspiring klever kids out there!

Meet the KleverKid team:

KleverKid team

KleverKid wants several klever people to join their team:

5. – Better Jobs for Everyone
Babajob office is a mobile and web based digital platform dedicated to bringing better job opportunities to grey and blue collar workers. By connecting aspiring job seekers with employers, they operate in the hardest job vertical and serve the bottom billion.

2015 is an incredible year for This Startup added 4 million job seekers, 25,00,000+ Jobs and raised a Series B funding round from SEEK Limited. We are funded and backed by Vinod Khosla’s Khosla Impact Fund and by Grey Ghost ventures.

Meet Babajob’s team:

Babajob team

Babajob is hiring experienced people for the following job roles:

6. Explara – Explore the experiences
Explara profile

Explara is a marketplace to discover events & activities and to buy tickets.

On supplier side, Explara offers an integrated solution for ticketing/registration, payment collection, promotion & marketing, sales management, attendee management, point-of-sale, entry validations and community membership.

On consumer side, Explara offers discovery and personalization recommendation to experience unique events and activities. Explara has been the first to start online event ticketing (Do-it-yourself) in India serving 10,000+ suppliers and millions of consumers.

Explara is used across 21 countries in the world with zero marketing budgets till 2014.

Meet the Explara team:

Explara team

Here are the job openings at Explara:

7. Jobspire – Aspire to find a job you truly love
Jobspire profile

Jobspire helps startups and SMEs create an experiential company profile that lets them visually describe their work environment, existing talent and their growth paths and a ton of other things.

We’re also tearing down and re-inventing the job post. Instead of applying with a CV, candidates will now complete quick challenges, eg: “Draft a sample email if you’re applying to a sales job”. Challenges are short so you’re not annoying passive talent.

We also offer the visual profile as a careers page replacement, locking in a good portion of the traffic that comes to a startup’s website and enterprise solutions for larger companies.

Jobspire team

We at Jobspire are hiring for the following roles:


[BONUS] Here’s yet another Startup that has already made it big, but perhaps it isn’t too late to get in. Guess what, they are hiring like crazy!

Instalively – Share your memories while you make them
instalively startup jobs

InstaLively helps broadcast your event Live in just a single click.

If you are looking for a place to scratch your creative or technical itch look no further than them! These proud owners of the best mobile live streaming technology in the world and simply love showing it off! So if you are a technical warrior or a marketing wizard, you should definitely apply to work with them.

The InstaLively team loves working hard, and they party even harder! If this seems like something you see yourself as a part off, go ahead and apply to their open job positions.

Meet the InstaLively team:

instalively team

Job Openings at InstaLively:

Didn’t find a role of your choice? Doesn’t matter! Send in your CV anyway. We (and other fast-growing Startups) are always on the lookout for talented individuals.

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