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Choosing the startup life over a corporate job: Wioleta’s inspiring story


Sticking to the trend of sharing inspiring stories through our Humans of Startups posts, we got in touch with Wioleta Burdzy Seth, Chief Program Developer of Human Circle and asked her to share her startup experience. She talks about everything from the beginning of her professional life to her shift to a startup, and everything in between. Read on to hear her inspiring story.


Humans of Startups
Wioleta Burdzy Seth, Human Circle


“I have already tried to follow traditional, ‘advisable by everyone’ way of life – be a good student, get into a good university, study abroad, do internship also internationally, find a good job in a big international corporation.

Having done all of that and being financially secured, I still felt incomplete and unhappy in some way. I was asking myself – Is it really it? So now I should chase others in a rat race on corporate ladder of designations? How can I contribute on a larger scale to the society? What could I do that would be a bigger purpose of my life?

One situation made a huge impact on me. I was working for a gasoline company. At that time there was a big disaster near South America. A leakage of tonnes of gasoline into the ocean. (luckily my company was not responsible, but anyway – same sector). That caused huge ecological damages not possible to recover. I thought at that time, “Really? Do I want to contribute to polluting the environment?”


I wanted to do something more meaningful and according to my values and believes; not only corporate values of income. But at that time I wasn’t sure what would that be.


So then, what did you do, we ask. “I left the corporate life. I left Poland. I started traveling to find my answers. I came to India and met a lot of entrepreneurial people. Have you heard that you are an average of 5 people with whom you spend most of your time with? Over a period of time, I have changed. I became like them.  I have found some of my answers and have decided to stay and contribute here for a good cause.


I strongly believe that there is nothing more unstable than a stable job. There you are dependent on your boss and the economical situation. As an entrepreneur I am learning every single day how to become independent and what logic should I apply in order to choose the next projects or steps. How to be better on personal efficiency and how to become a better leader, or as a role model for others.

The whole conversation about success and failure is redefined for me. Now I feel successful when I see the impact we create. Failure is when I don’t challenge myself or when I don’t cross my comfort zone; when I stop developing as a person.

Human Circle and the #DoWhatYouLove movement is a reflection of what I believe is the most important in my life and the life of people around me. We inspire and enable youth to do what they really love in terms of career and life.  We help them develop their leadership skills and entrepreneurial outlook so that they reach their highest potential. Our mission is to create global circles of like-minded people passionate about becoming impact individuals and creating a better future for the reality around them.


I am also a life coach, helping young people in exploring themselves, defining the challenge they face and helping to find their own answers; and the most important… to be happy and fulfilled.”

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