When I was younger, I was always told, “Don’t let travelling scare you.”

It took me a while to reason out with myself and understand, ‘why not?’

Summer has always been the time when a lot of travelling took place. No matter where I was at, summer always managed to change my monotonous life. And helped me recover from all the things that made my life toxic throughout the year.

I never liked travelling when I was younger. I suffer from motion sickness. And travelling to me, meant throwing up in the back seat of the car. Travelling to me meant, seeing my brother sit next to me, asking me to catch a glimpse of the amazing view, while I made attempts to sleep off while on a flight.

Each time the plane prepared to land, I felt sick. There was no alternative to getting me out of my misery.

I think the worst experience I had, was at the sea. Although I could feel the intensity in my brother’s eyes, I couldn’t connect with it. However,  I did succeed getting to the port without throwing my guts out. I felt proud of myself for a minute or two after we reached the port. My brother fancies the ocean and it’s a bummer that I couldn’t share this excitement with him back then.

Since all my experiences of travelling while I was younger weren’t that great, I wasn’t a big fan of it. I didn’t like the feeling of living on pills. Motion sickness is no fun at all.

In fact, I couldn’t stay awake, as the pills made me drowsy. And I missed out on the best part about travelling, ‘The Travel.”

According to me, the most beautiful things you see is when you are on your way to your destination. What you see once you are already there stays still.  But what you see when you travel is what makes the trip worth the while.

Most people grow up to seeking a job that doesn’t make them travel much, or a job that helps them travel according to their convenience. But life is always not so giving and you might just end up slogging at a job which is rarely the one sitting at the desk!

If you think Travelling has been causing you inconvenience, here are 5 tips that can help you deal with travelling better –

1. Keep Yourself Prepared to travel

You perhaps have a desk job. And travelling is the last thing on your mind. Change your mindset right away!

It’s not a compulsion that you will be expected to sit in the same place all day. Make sure that you mentally prepare yourself to expect the unexpected.

For all you know, the next thing you may be asked is to travel to a new place. Or move?

Your boss can ask you to switch your routine to fulfil your company’s requirements.  And you don’t want to let your boss down. Do you? Your boss would want you to be open to the idea of going places.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Agustine

But if the sudden change in your routine is scaring the bejesus out of you and you think you can’t cope up, do have a look at this article: Ways to battle work stress. It may help you feel better, and help you keep the stress factor aside.

2. Have a good Support-System to back you up

Your co-workers may not be your best friends but in order for you to function better, it is always a plus point to be cordial with them. They can be your biggest support system while you are hard at work.

Your boss may want you to travel to another city for work and you may feel reluctant to go because you like your routine. There is a high possibility that if you go talk to your co-workers about this, they may give you some of the best advice. They may ask you to listen to your boss or probably not.

But know that your flexibility with travelling because of work will make you more efficient. And it may add up to your credentials. It may help you “climb the ladder to success.”

3. Try Living In The Moment

There will always be priorities. No matter how old you are, that is one thing that will not change. And you ought to be able to deal with it.

Let go and live in the moment.

Travelling can change your point of view towards things. It may help you reason better, or help you be open to experimenting.

Travelling increases one’s productivity as well.

“It’s good to have an end to a journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” – Ernest Hemingway

4. Always Acknowledge the Challenges

It is 5.00 am on a Sunday morning and your boss may expect you to go for a field visit.

It seems quite unfair that the rest of your co-workers get to stay at home, fast asleep under their cosy quilts whereas you have to work.

But think of why you have been given the opportunity and not them! There must be something in you, that your senior officials expect so much from you.

Give it a thought. It may help you face your challenges with more positivity. And you may end up feeling grateful that you got a chance unlike the rest of them. Opportunities come hard, and when they do, you must grab them.

5. Make the most out of it

Yes, it seems painful to be this flexible. You perhaps want to stop whatever you are doing, and just stay still. Know that you can do that soon as you think you’re exhausted.

It is completely normal to take a break.

But if you are still going to go on, regardless of how exhausted you are, make sure you make the most out of it. Don’t give in to the pressure.

You may have the best experiences if you give yourself and your travel life a chance.

Remember, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

I’m so glad that unlike before, I’m open to travelling now! I want travelling to be a part of my life, be it once in a while. I think one should be fine with the concept of travelling. It may sound like a pain, but you’re lucky if you get a chance to travel.

You may not always enjoy the idea of travelling but know that it is always in your hands to say no. Don’t agree with anything you don’t like! Be it your job, or the travel.

But if you remotely think that your job is worth your while, know that you need to be open to travelling. Or anything else expected of you.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

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