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Esha Hegde is here to change the way we eat and workout

Esha Hegde is a young go getter, who has turned her passion into a business. We got her talking about why she started her business and what she’s learned so far.

Esha Hegde Fit Dish Fetish

“Prior to starting up Fit Dish Fetish I was a corporate slave for 2.5 years when I woke up asking myself why I would travel across the city in the fatiguing traffic to do something I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. I quit my job and joined my mother who runs a boutique to design and do sales and marketing. This experience gave me the confidence to run a business on my own.”

“I was fat and I needed to do something about it. I indulged in various fitness activities – gym/yoga/aerobics only to realise that it was mainly food that would make a difference if I wanted my weight-loss (first) and now fitness journey to be sustainable. With my grand passion for cooking I switched over to eating healthy by preparing the meals for myself.

The business idea was born when I did a few trials of my cooked meals for friends and family. I also began to post my workouts and results of my journey which built a lot of traction towards the product in turn.

The difficulties I faced weren’t anything like I have felt before – surprises hit me in every way, but that is part of the learning process. Being your own boss isn’t easy – initially – I did everything – I prepped/ cooked/ packed and even delivered the food. It was a tough day, every day, but I loved it and I knew this was a working business model until I began to hire.

The learning I am getting out of starting up doesn’t match any previous experience I’ve gained! Running a company with limited hands on deck and being bootstrapped teaches you to greatly value resources and time. I keep finding new roles and domains where I haven’t established expertise, so I am continually learning. A major learning is that it gets lonely on top and you need to take decisions on your own, you’re solely responsible and you have to work that extra bit to purely motivate yourself to push harder!”

We asked her if there was any incident from her journey in the startup which stood out the most, or that probably changed her as an individual. “Meeting Mary Kom! Personally and professionally it was a shock and awe moment – as this experience came to me as a total surprise while I did the rounds of marketing in gyms and sports centers to only bump into this world class gold medalist athlete! I met her while she was training and had a chat with her about her diet and fitness regime. I also had the privilege of catering meals to Mary Kom who is extremely strict with her diet, she even brought her own rice from Imphal! Looking up to her discipline and determination, yet grounded nature – she’s a great role model!

Lastly, the acclaim I get for the venture and the work I do is heartwarming. The venture is an exciting challenge that I can change lives with – I’m here to make a change and it’s all about living your vision through and believing.”


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