Google is known for its cutting edge technology and also its cultural relevance. Like every year, the company and its global offices have released a series of pranks. The parent company though goofed up this year with their “Mic Drop” feature in Gmail and is bearing the heat for it. (Read here for details) Aside from that, the rest of them are pretty spot on.

Youtube’s #SnoopaVision

Only for today, you can watch Youtube videos through Snoop Dogg’s POV. Just click on the Snoop icon and get a 360-degree view of Snoop Dogg watching your favorite YouTube videos.

Cardboard Plastic

Google’s Cardboard has taken virtual reality a step further, with their Cardboard Plastic “Actual Reality”.

Evening Google

Google’s Russia office released a new product called “Evening Google”. An evening newspaper that keeps you up to date on the relevant searches and also gives you search coupons that you can snail mail them.

Self Driving Bicycle

Google Netherlands is taking a page from the self driving car and launching the self drive bicycle.

Google Japan’s Flick keyboard

Google’s Japanese offices have built a Flick keyboard that makes typing for Android a breeze. Typing in Japanese has never been easier! And the Flick sensor can turn any grid into a virtual Flick keyboard.

Bonus: Sony’s Proton pack

This isn’t a Google product but it was too hard to ignore.

If you are a Ghostbuster fan and have always wanted to get your hands on their Proton packs, then Sony has got you covered. This cutting edge pack is waterproof and slime proof.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of the Gmail prank or some other company’s do let us know.  Who say’s business can’t meet pleasure.


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