“I believe that every girl has her own sense of style. There are patterns and textures in fabric that appeal to her because they remind her of something she’s experienced. We use that to make thoughtful additions to her closet”- Melanie Ghosh, a startup co-founder.



As humans, we are surrounded by people who are keen to provide direction. From our education to our career choices, marriage to diets and even what you must wear – a “correct” path to life. Often we find ourselves questioning what we’re doing and what we really would like to do. Does your puzzle feel incomplete?

‘Startup’ is a common term heard in the business world. It gives you a chance to invest in your idea, to do something you are passionate about. But, to go down one road for half of your life and switch to a different one is a challenge even for a dedicated and passionate risk taker. However, in today’s world, it isn’t unusual to hear of people who have given up the corporate life to the cultural awakening that a startup has to offer. Besides, isn’t it the best feeling in the world to be your own boss?

Melanie Ghosh and Komal Choudhary have been friends since they were 13 and this has forged a close bond which has resulted in the birth of their brainchild Hanger Labs.


(L-R; Komal Choudhary and Melanie Ghosh)

Melanie completed her engineering and worked in an IT firm for 6 years before she decided it was time to pack up and leave. Komal did her BBM and went from Events to Marketing and Advertising before she too decided to call it quits. Establishing startups is certainly no cup of tea. Melanie and Komal had been planning this for years, 10 years to be precise before they took the first step towards its establishment.
“We got comfortable in the system, it had its perks. There’s a steady paycheck, holidays…..but we never felt like it was where we belonged. There was something missing. ” Quote the newbies of a startup venture.

So what is Hanger Labs? Or rather what do they do?

Hanger Labs isn’t any ordinary label; they are in fact what you could call a Laboratory for Clothing.  As soon as you decide to sign up for the ultimate Hanger Labs experience, you are warmly greeted by Melanie and Komal who welcome you in their studio. This is the first step into creating your dream outfit.
After a nice friendly chat, over a cup of tea and glazed donuts, Melanie and Komal take your attributes of style and personality along with your budget to turn your vision into reality.

“You need to find a way to fit into ready-to-wear apparel. We believe it should be the other way around – clothes should be made to fit you.We work with women to bring their dream outfits to life.” states Komal

Unlike most designer labels, Hanger Labs doesn’t follow the do’s and dont’s of the season. Their outfits vary from the traits of their customers to the various style statements that break the stereotype of what the seasons usually demand you to wear.

They don’t use the signature cuts or stitches that you see around, instead bring your unique ideas and characteristics onto your couture. So say if you are in search of the perfect wedding ensemble or just a stylish piece for a Saturday night, Hanger Labs will create the perfect attire for you. Melanie and Komal work together as a team and put enormous efforts into customizing an outfit to your body type, all the while working on what is best suited for you and the occasion that will bring out a reflection of the customer’s style and personality through their garments. Each piece in Hanger Labs is created intricately for every individual

Hanger Labs uses culture as their chemical X. Being Game of Thrones enthusiasts the young designers decided to experiment with the theme through their clothing. image2

Hanger Labs combines the elegance of Sansa, the charismatic outstanding personality of Daenerys and the polished, bold etiquette of the girl who has no name and then plays with the texture, the color, and print of the fabric that has been selected to bring out the inner Khaleesi from your attire. Be it a wedding or an occasion that requires you to stand out from the rest of the crowd, Hanger Labs present their bold style statements through the sigils that represent your inner woman and even help you dress up as the never heard before “The Nawab’s of Winterfell” through their Indo-Western clothing.


Their final result is meant to give you a sense of individuality because after all, you are the only one with this specific work of art. For this soul fulfilling result, a lot of care is put in so that each piece speaks something intimate about the person wearing it.

Although they are definitely doing well with Hanger Labs, a question that came across, was why quit a job that gave them stability and a good paycheck to shift to a startup life?
“So we left our corporate jobs and put our savings into creating this affordable label because we were tired of not allowing our creative juices to flow. We gained the exposure and the experiences that the corporate world had to offer and decided to branch out and give women in India an opportunity to explore their own unique sense of style.”13652946_598560460316967_6814991779804074789_o

And they did succeed in each aspect of it, their determination to achieve a 10 year old dream certainly deserves a standing ovation. They decided that it was time they followed their own dreams and give themselves a different retirement plan, and so after years of research on the fashion market and putting aside funds, Melanie and Komal finally decided to bid farewell to the corporate life and embrace the startup culture, broke the stereotypes of the usual clothing lines and created Hanger Labs.

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