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Improve Homepage Conversion Rate By 50% Using This Simple Growth Hack

There are plenty of ways in which one can improve landing page conversions. Whether it’s a paid incentive such as a free recharge, or excellent copy on the website, or a fantastic and high-converting design. 

But what do you do when your landing page is also your homepage?

homepage coversion growth hack

Let’s jump straight into it and learn about this handy growth hack.

When I started researching on how to improve Jobspire’s homepage conversion rate, I came across several ideas. However, most of them would either require a lot of effort or you’d need to book some time with the tech team (and you already know how difficult that is).

Also, options such as a redesigned landing page, changing the entire page’s copy, etc. would take time and effort. Hence, I started looking for the lowest hanging fruit.

“What is the easiest thing I can do to improve conversions on my landing page?”

Here’s the conversion of Jobspire’s homepage 1 week before running the experiment:

homepage coversion growth hack

After a few minutes of thinking, I had my eureka moment. On the Jobspire blog, I was already using Hello Bar to engage inbound visitors and direct them towards different parts of our platform. And the conversions were pretty great too – Roughly 10% people who saw the pop-up clicked on it and about 1% would sign up.

Then why wasn’t I using the same simple hack on our homepage?

Here’s what happened after I added the pop-up:
homepage coversion growth hack

After adding the Hello Bar pop-up to the Jobspire homepage, our conversions jumped. At first, the number seemed insignificant. However, the week after implementing the pop-up, our homepage conversion went up from 14% to 21%.

That’s a 50% increase in landing page conversion, and all it really took was one eureka moment and 5 minutes to set it up!

The two most important things about pop-up bars that you should know:

  1. Messaging
  2. Timing

For ‘Messaging’, I went with a simple copy that tells the user something that’s already on our website, but he may have missed it while scanning through the page.

For ‘Timing’, I set the pop-up to show only after the user has scrolled half the page, or more. This way, I don’t end up showing the pop-up unnecessarily to users who have just landed on the page, or distract people who were going to click on the SIGN UP button already.

homepage coversion growth hack

Of course, I then A/B tested the messaging, and then went on to test different colors, until I found my best performing pop-up.

Adding a simple pop-up with the right messaging increased our homepage conversions by 50%. This isn’t a promotional pop-up, I’m not offering the user any extra value. I only used the right messaging, shown at the right time to convert users who have already shown intent.

You could do this simple exercise for your own homepage, it only takes 5-10 minutes to set it up. I’d love to hear about your experiments and success in the comments below.

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