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How to stay motivated during a job hunt

Job hunts can be depressing. Especially as the weeks drag on and your optimism starts running low. The pressures of looking for a job are real. The mental stress of spending all your waking hours applying to the pressure of making ends meet, it is a taxing process. And during all this you are expected to stay upbeat as you walk in to your nth interview and meet people.

This question was posed on Quora and has got some really helpful responses and tips you can use as you search for your perfect job.

“Understand that failure is a necessary part of your journey to success”

“Often when we’re having a tough time, whether its a recruiter not calling you back, or when you get rejected from that job interview you thought you had in the bag – it’s easy to think it will never happen, however, rejection is part of success: you may have heard of how JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before she published Harry Potter or how Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times before he founded KFC or even how Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he invented the lightbulb. The more rejection you face, the closer you get. As Winston Churchill said: “If you’re going through hell, keep going””

(Response by  Nicky Van Fliet)


“So the way to reduce negativity is to use a job search process that gives consistent feedback and progress.”

Pick a very specific job title and company profile that you’re interested in.This seems counterintuitive-shouldn’t you be flexible when searching for a job? But consider the following situation: if Jane tells Judy that she wants to work as a Social Media Coordinator at a startup with less than 50 people, and Judy hears about a Social Media Specialist job at a company with 60 people, Judy will probably refer Jane. But if Jane tells Judy that she wants to work in online marketing, Judy will say “Oh, that’s nice” and promptly forget that Jane exists. It’s much better to be too specific than too general.”

(Response by Satvik Beri)


“It’s not an easy task as looking for a job is an emotional roller coaster”

“Be Focused: (but give yourself some options) Having done the critical assessment of the role that you’d like, understand how well prepared you are for that role and if you believe you can convince people you can do it.  Set your goal on that role but always keep some options open for other similar roles that help you build some of the additional skills that would be helpful in that perfect role.  That way if the market is saying to you – I’m not sure you are ready, then you have other options open that you are ready for.”

(Response by  Jarlath O’Carroll)


“Treat your job search as a job.”

“A job search should be treated as a job in itself, i.e. with the same rigor and seriousness you would apply to a regular job. Create a list of job search activities; from researching a company to sending introduction letters to recruiters in companies you are targeting, to follow-up calls, to interviews and thank you letters. Update this list systematically and make sure you follow a clear process. Keep accurate records of your research results and be ready to refer to this knowledge in the interview; employers love a candidate who is well-prepared”

(Response by Roba Al Assi)


“Stop taking it personally”

“There is no reason you should see this as a personal failure. If for some reason, there is some kind of explicit indicator on how many people have rejected a employer you might feel some what vindicated that the employer too has been rejected by many. But think of it: Employer in most cases will not take it personally. Probably, there is a hiring/HR team who will collectively face the rejection. Maybe it might be of some effect if it is a single person or small team company. But ultimately it doesn’t matter. It is not a game of who faces least rejection. It is the matter of getting the right job. When you stop taking it personally, you will have the right mindset to approach for future jobs.”

(Response by Arun Kumar)


Happiness inspires productivity

“Well, here’s a start. This TED Talk by Shawn Achor, provides a little boost if you’ve been struggling to stay positive in the job search. You’ll want to pay particular attention around the 11:00 minute-mark where Shawn talks about how to improve your happiness with some simple daily rituals.”

(Response by Noelle Gross)


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