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‘If you want to be an entrepreneur, work with a startup’ says Raveena of Marching Ants

Raveena Ashok is the executive assistant in Marching Ants, and while she might be tremendously young , she has done phenomenally well and is someone with an extremely bright future. We asked her to share her experience of working in a startup, and this is her story.

“A few months ago, when I decide​d that the time was right to start my career​,​ ​t​here was never a second thought about ​me ​joining a start-up​!​ ​While a​ ​large ​corporation ​might be good to learn process​es​, ​as part of a​ big ​team, ​its a start​-​up ​that teaches you​ how to pursue your passion and dreams​. It’s there that​ you learn how to do innumerable things at one time and ​importantly, how to ​excel at ​each of ​them.”



​These past few months has now ​thought me ​that it​’​s imperative for ​anyone wanting to ​be an ​entrepreneur, to work with a start​-​up​.​ ​A​s​ it teaches you some incredible things along the way and ​prepares you to face challenges ​& failures that may seem insignificant on the face of it, but are extremely crucial to address, even if it is only for one​s own individual pursuits.


So how was it like working in a startup? “As a start​-​up you work a lot more intimately with the society as a whole,​ ​on all levels and as such develop the consciousness to give back to ​it​, which I feel is one of the most important ​learning from this journey. You also realize that being a team player isn’t an option anymore, your team becomes your family and having each other’s back becomes absolutely essential ​given that you have limited resources ​at your disposal with big goals to achieve.”

Is she enjoying working for the startup, we ask. “I think what makes this job extremely fulfilling is the fact that I associate every success, failure, downfall ​& challenge faced by Marching Ants​,​ as my own. And that’s the beauty of working for a growing start-up, you have the motivation to wake up everyday and get to work, consciously making a decision to work a straight 7 days a week, 15​-​hours a day, if that’s what the job requires; only because at the end of the day you get back to bed knowing you have substantially contributed to the growth of the company. And with each tiny step towards your goal that seems unattainable, you are reassured of the phrase you’ve often heard, ​”From humble beginnings​,​ come great things​”​.

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