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LinkedIn Resume and LinkedIn Premium – All you need to know

“LinkedIn is the new Facebook” read a recent headline in a well-known newspaper; truth is, it’s a whole new take on how we market ourselves in an extremely competitive world of employers and employees. If one thinks he/she is doing just fine in the race, most would advise them to think, and then think again. Online/virtual resumes are a thing of the new gen, containing all the information that a potential employer would be interested in knowing. The LinkedIn Resume and LinkedIn Premium features are making it much simpler to take yourself online and not be left behind. It’s a necessity to make yourself stand out, at least considerably, to make employers notice you from a herd and hence, increase your chances of getting that call.

LinkedIn Resume

The LinkedIn Resume feature is one such thing that makes it different from Facebook or other social networking websites. It’s primarily career-centric, focusing more on people who want to hire, get hired, form partnerships and meet people with like-minded business ideas.

With the LinkedIn resume, you can add on any and all pointers which you feel may help you get noticed. Of course, the most basic thing you need to check off your list is the proper knowledge of how to utilize LinkedIn and its features to the fullest. Making sure that all the nitty-gritties of your profile are clear, coherent, visually and informatively appealing and altogether optimal is of vital importance.

Here are the different parts of the Linkedin Resume and their significance.

1. Introduction

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

This is the anchor for anyone to view your profile. It gives a gist of who you are and what you stand for so make sure to make it catchy. Have a tagline can help people to associate with you. Also, get a decent profile picture and not those ridiculous “Kylie style selfies”.

2. Posts

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

This is one of those sections which you would hardly get to see on a Linkedin profile.

The posts you publish on Linkedin Pulse which is Linkedin’s content platform, are displayed here. This helps an outsider know about your opinions and the things you stand for. Blogging, is an extra brownie point for any recruiter and thus you should definitely give it a shot.

You can use this platform to share your knowledge through the various professional experiences you have had and show off your expertise.

3. Executive Summary

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

This is where you need to get creative and talk about who you are. Your bio should be concise and should depict your professional goals and personal aims.

Talk about your achievements, aspirations and your core desired feelings which make you who you are. You can also attach your CV with your bio which will help the recruiter understand you better.

4. Work Experience

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

This section allows you to extensively talk about your work experience. Most people make the mistake of not giving the entire picture which is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Mention your key achievements while working at the particular firm in points and also highlight the responsibilities you had. You don’t need to be modest here and write down things as they are.

This builds trust in the recruiter and increases your chances of getting hired.

5. Achievements

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

This section helps you show off what all you have done in your life. It the extra-curricular awards you received back in college/school or perhaps the “employee of the month” honor in your last company. Show them all.

This shows a recruiter your will to go above and beyond and helps you be branded as a performer. Isn’t that what you want?

6. Volunteering Experiences

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

Although this is not one of the most important parts of the profile, but it’s definitely a game changer if used appropriately. Volunteering shows a certain empathy in you as an individual which is a quality very rare. This makes you stand out of the crowd. Who does not want to give the job to a nice person?

But remember, you won’t be getting a job just based on your volunteering experiences (If the job does not require to). It’s just an add-on to have, so do not rely on it.

7. Languages

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

This is an important section when your job requires you to travel or communicate with people from different states/countries. So if you are into translation, tourism or any other industry which makes you travel, make sure your languages tab on Linkedin is updated. Many recruiters who are into the niche segment recruiting, will want to look into this.

8. Qualifications

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium
Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

This is a section which helps you showcase your educational background and even the courses you have mastered. This is a direct indicator to the recruiter whether you are a fit for the job or not (But this has been changing in the recent past with the startup ecosystem boom).

9. Endorsements and Recommendations

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium
Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

Mentioning the right skills and getting endorsements for them improves your chances of getting searched for those particular keywords which a recruiter enters in Linkedin Search. Moreover, skills and recommendations act as social proof and brings credibility to your resume.

But do remember, Weight of an Endorsement << Weight of a written Recommendation

Focus on getting the right recommendations from your colleagues which shows the recruiter what you bring to the table and why they should hire you.

10. Your Interactions

Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium
Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium
Linkedin Resume and Linkedin Premium

The people you follow, the groups and conversations you are a part of and your connections matter.

Conversations are what drives a social platform and you should realize it better late than never. You need to start those right conversations and meet the right people who you would want to learn from or very well ever work for. Opportunities can knock from any direction and you should be prepared to open the doors.

It’s time you start working on your online presence and revamp your Linkedin resume. Recruiters are looking at it all the time and you should give them a reason to call you. 

What about LinkedIn Premium?

Like some other social platforms, LinkedIn gives you the option to upgrade your profile to something not-so-basic and consequentially, avail more features and advantages of having that extra edge over just another basic profile.

They offer 4 levels of up-gradation:

Job Seeker – 2,000/month

Business plan – 3,200/month

Sales Navigator – 4,400/month

Recruiter Lite – 6,800/month

Note that these rates are approximate but almost accurate figures.

The Premium feature is that way to make your profile stand out, get more traffic from employers/similar business thinkers and hence, help them get in touch with you better.

Although spending money on a website that is essentially free for all users, until they choose to upgrade or otherwise, may seem like an unnecessary tax on your pocket, it’s good to weigh out its pros and cons. If having that extra edge can get you the job you really want, it’s more of an investment really. After carefully looking through all 4 plans and whatever extra they’ve got to offer, pick the one that best suits your requirement and take that extra effort to be different.

Who knows, a penny spent wisely may get you to the top of the heap faster than you expect it to.

If you have more doubts on how to use Linkedin, you can go through their elaborate Help Document.

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