Changes in lifestyle and rampantly advancing technology that has mushroomed in the recent past has given rise to so many new jobs. 30 years ago you could not even imagine these things to be existent. But now you can make a career out of them. Who would have thought you could make a living out of flying a drone?

Something that would have been considered a useless hobby can actually be a full-time highly paid job now. It just goes to show the kind of transformation the world has gone through.

This infographic made by Colonial life (an insurance company), illustrates these new age careers, along with the pay for each job.

The pay mentioned is based on the US standards but the trend is quite similar even in India.



Taking these new age careers, as an example,who knows what kind of jobs you can create in the future. Necessity is the mother of invention. There are a whole lot of needs out there, you just have to identify them.

The startup culture in India right now nurtures such innovations. Do read “What makes the Indian Startup Ecosystem special” which will give you more insights to this ever growing ecosystem and give you hints on the images of the future.

Sannidhi Surop

The author Sannidhi Surop

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