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Jobspire Raises $262K Seed Funding Led By Purvi Capital, Nikunj Jain And Others

Acing startup recruiting with a new approach to matchmaking.

Jobspire began with the motive to provide the inside scoop on companies allowing professionals to “window shop for jobs” with pictures of startup offices, the people that work there and trivia. Today after attaining a funding of $262K, Jobspire has evolved into a sophisticated platform providing end to end recruiting solutions that include sourcing, matching, decision making and tracking for Indian startups.

Founders Varun Mayya, Kartik Luke, Sandesh Kini and Mohak Dhingra, being people with solid tech and sales backgrounds have made Jobspire unique by utilizing both technology and human recruiters to assist companies hire Generation Y talent. Jobspire’s special feature & biggest differentiator – “manual and algorithmic curation” solves the problem of DNA-matchmaking a candidate to the company and ascertains that top candidates get offers only from premium companies instead of random ones.

We are also the only startup in India to offer a premium, human touch to recruitment.

After quickly identifying the ineffectiveness of the CV, Jobspire then analyzed the top 22 job roles in India and developed quick, 5-minute subjective challenges for each job role to give recruiters a mental snapshot of every candidate. We even introduced an audio verification system that helps candidates bypass their first round of interviews online.

Here are a few examples of challenges and their answers on the platform:

Challenges - Jobspire dashboard

Jobspire has got its wheels rolling with progressive, steady growth. We are currently working with 91 startups, producing 18 interviews a week and has nearly 30-50 signups daily on the platform, despite being in stealth mode.

Ravi Srivastava of Purvi Capital who led the round, Willfly Ventures, Nikunj Jain (, Krishna Jha (Telnet Ventures), Sanjay Bakshi (Impulse Marketing), Kapil Nayyar (International Business Advisors) and Artieca Trust are some of the seed investors at Jobspire.

Jobspire plans to use these funds to scale the team and focus on building an entirely new concept, the Human Metadata Index graph – that we will use to standardize ratings on every applicant on Jobspire, as well as build our referral-only premium recruiting tool, Premium Select, available in beta at Jobspire Premium.

Human Metadata Index Algorithm

Here’s what our investors have to say:

“It’s an extremely nimble founding team that understands how millennials filter career opportunities. Jobspire is a fresh approach to how companies brand, connect and recruit in an increasingly competitive talent market. Built in India, with global standards from day 1.” – Ravi Srivastava (Lead investor, Purvi capital)

“I think the founders clearly know where they are headed for the next 3 years. That’s what I like about them the most.” – Nikunj Jain (Investor)

Words from the Jobspire founders:

“We’ve all the seen the paradigm shift in other industries like real estate and food tech, but hiring continues to be neglected. We saw a lot of established startups and companies in the hiring space follow the same pattern of dishing out new matching algorithms, but their spend on acquisition was still extremely high as their products were never exciting. We asked ourselves if it was possible to infuse excitement and virality into boring industry like recruitment, and here we are. It’s an extremely challenging industry, and the Jobspire team brings a completely new perspective to it. We could’ve built a fin-tech or food-tech app and solved people’s needs for a few minutes a day, but Jobspire is our opportunity to shape what a person does every single day for years.” – Varun Mayya, CEO of Jobspire.

We’re proud to say we create value in a multitude of ways. While some companies source from us, other companies use our curation services, some even replace their careers page with their Jobspire page. Smaller companies use us as a platform to help them get discovered. We’re currently experimenting with pay-per-hire, which is a challenging model to scale but one that our proprietary technology is really helping us crack. We’ll be looking at a Series A round within the next year, although at the rate we’re growing, we might have to fast-track it.” – Sandesh, COO and Product at Jobspire

A candid shot of the Jobspire founding team:

Jobspire founders


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