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Struggle to get investment: Shalu’s story


Startup ideas are getting common by the day. But getting investors to invest in those ideas, not so much. With such a boost in ideas everywhere, with some failing and some being successful, investors are being picky about which startup to invest in, and this is making the investment struggle tougher.

Getting investment for your startup idea is considered to be the first of the many stepping stones to success for your startup. But it’s not easy. This was testified when we spoke to Shalu Soni, founder of Hadippa and got her talking about the startup ecosystem.



What’s your take on the sudden increase in the number of people joining startups?  “I think only those people should join a startup who’re ready to take risks- before the age of 27 or 28, because after that you just want to be lazy and want a settled life. Hence youngsters should join, because they get to learn a lot; everyone should have a startup!”


Everyone?  “Yes, because we’re potential customers to each other. Before starting Hadippa I had no idea about the startup culture but now that this is going forward I’m getting to learn a lot.”


So how has the journey been? Did you get investors? “I was very new to startups and so had no idea about what incubators are or what accelerators are, I didn’t know how and whom to approach for advisory, I’m still figuring that out actually.

In my experience, investors are usually interested in A/B/C series so it’s very difficult to find angel investors, and even if you do they want you to raise money through your friends and family. Having a good enough idea just doesn’t cut it. So when I started I had to obviously use my own money! And right now I’m still looking for someone to invest in this idea, though I believe it’ll happen soon as this is the best time! Hope and belief in my idea are what keep me motivated. I believe for every good idea out there, there’s an investor just waiting to invest!”

What a fantastic attitude! We’re sure with this kind of positive outlook and belief in her startup, her startup will surely be successful!



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