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Should you follow up after an interview?

You’ve rocked the interview, answered all their questions on point, and checked off your list. The interviewer seemed to love you and you had a really good conversation, but days have passed and you haven’t heard back. You thought you were a shoo-in, but there has been no mails or calls.

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It is easy to start fretting and worrying. Stop. Take a deep breathe. Several factors could have caused this. It could be a simple explanation. An urgent project might have come up, the boss and recruiter could be travelling or maybe they just need more time to get clearance. Or you simply haven’t been selected. In any scenario, you have little to no control anymore.

If you haven’t heard back in a week or two you can send a follow up email. Keep it Follow upsimple and straightforward. “I wanted to follow up on my application and wanted to check when I would hear back from you.” It is tempting to call straight after the interview but do not. You do not want to seem too eager, it will affect your negotiation opportunities. And neither is it okay to bait them by saying that you have another opportunity and they need to give you a yes or no, right now. Unless, this is true and they really are your first priority.

You might not hear what you were hoping for. The answer might be a no. That is no reason to feel unworthy or question yourself. It is okay for things to not work out. Think of it this way, if the company didn’t inform you that you weren’t hired, it isn’t the kind of company you want to work at. It is unprofessional to not get back in touch with the candidates you have interviewed. That isn’t the kind of company you want to be in. This is an indicator of the culture of the company.


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Do not spend time waiting by the phone. After you’ve sent you’ve sent your thank you note, then do continue looking for more job openings. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. It might be the perfect job and the perfect company, but until you get your offer letter there is still a chance that you might not get in.

Follow upTaking control does not mean badgering, if after your follow up you still hear nothing, then just assume you haven’t got the job. Dust yourself off and get back on track. There is no dearth of jobs and we’ve got some great opportunities here. Take stock and take control. There is a great career for you around the corner.


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