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Who is Sumukh Mehta and What did he do?


Meet Sumukh Mehta, a 21-year-old recent college graduate with a strong passion towards dance, modelling and social work came up with the most quirky idea for his CV, which changed the game for what recruiters desires after skipping through pages of monotonous resumes.

Passionate about fashion, not only did Sumukh cross boundaries of what an attractive eye catching CV should represent but also ended up dancing his way onto landing his dream job.

When questioned about his outstanding idea, Sumukh mentions that he highlighted his experience, background, and skills, by featuring it on his favorite magazine by remaking a look alike of where he wants his ambitions and dedication to take him. He proceeded by sending the innovative application materials to the magazine’s headquarters in New York, London, and Mumbai.
Not only is his CV totally on-brand, but also is a great way to push youngsters to get inspired on how to break the rules of creating a revolutionary CV that made every head on social media turn. Viewers stated “Mehta looks and seems to speak the part of a GQ staff member, judging from his posed cover and clever headlines, his idea was absolutely original.”

Sumukh says “I took the whole ‘do your homework on the company’ thing very seriously and delivered it overnight. Literally.” He also said, “I wanted to work at GQ, because I wanted to work at a place where I will be able to use my marketing knowledge as creatively as possible.”
Not only does Sumukh has a strong grasp of marketing and a big dose of creativity to match it, he had also started his own business during his college days. A company that created resumes for MBA graduates. His outstanding work, great sense of dedication, and through the help of social media, his inspired application landed him an internship at GQ’s UK office and you want to know the best part of it? He received this offer without even interviewing. His resume was just that good.

Should you make a CV like this? 13427897_10210168556437544_5336904878771888215_n

Although we do know that this kind of bold move isn’t right for everyone, and, in fact, wouldn’t be considered appropriate for every company, Mehta trusted his instincts and gave them something they’d appreciate. His dedication and originality paid off.

Depending on the job you’re after, Sumukh’s CV show’s that sometimes you really have to think outside the box and standard resume guidelines. Now consider the things you can do to stand out among a sea of candidates fighting for the same position. Pushing yourself to strut your stuff beyond a list of skills and work experience could be one of the best idea’s that just might work for you.

Yes, Mehta’s originality along with his team of Dixit Bhatt, Rahul Jain and Natasha Doshi have definitely set a really high bar, but isn’t this a good challenge, and what’s the guarantee that you might not be next?

Other than this opportunity, which curves the payment towards his coming future, Sumukh, enjoys dancing and is
known for his famous Badtameez Dil dance moves.


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