During the time of our “Dada ji’s” and “Nana ji’s”, they saw the boost of the Indian Industrial Revolution. Our “Papa’s” and “Chacha’s” saw the boost of the government industries and public sector units along with a subtle flavor of the MNC’s.

This is the time when we are seeing the “Startup Boom”. We present to you “The Startup Royal Rumble Series” which will talk about the startup ecosystem of different cities. Ready to see whether your city wins?

Here is an infographic which shows you Bangalore vs Delhi:

The Startup Royal Rumble


Well Mumbai is not very far away too. This is what the city of dreams has to offer compared to Namma Bengaluru:

Mumbai vs Bangalore

Where do you bet on?

Other cities, do not worry. We have not forgotten you. Stay Tuned.

Good Luck and God Speed.

Soumil Kar

The author Soumil Kar