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4 Things To Do While You’re Unemployed

There comes a point in an employee’s life where they get fed up on their monotonous routine and get the idea of resigning from their current jobs. It’s quite possible to come across a rough patch in life and enter a stage when you are in a position that helps pay the simple bills but leaves you with very little to have to be happy with. Given if you are somewhere in your  mid-twenties, then you definitely don’t want to be living with your parents either. Those who fear, live on as dedicated employee’s to a dead end job to help pay the bills and stay out of living with your parents, where while the other continue to curse their managers under their breaths.

Given if you are somewhere in your  mid-twenties, then you definitely don’t want to be living with your parents either. Those who fear, live on as dedicated employee’s to a dead end job to help pay the bills and stay out of living with your parents, where while the other continue to curse their managers under their breaths.

If you are a risk taker and have quit your job, know that you have come to the right place. Don’t start procrastinating that you are jobless, instead keep reading these tips and tricks on how to be productive when you are unemployed.
We live in the age where the internet is the downright solution to all your problems. But before we get onto Google, stop and think about exactly what it is that you want to do. Make a list of all your options and specify the strains of your interests. If reading a few 100 books is what satisfies you, then go ahead, otherwise find a niche, as to how you can utilize your time into being productive through your niche.

Getting back to the internet: Almost anything you want to do today has a tutorial online. In other words, by fully devoting yourself to mastering a new skill, you can easily become proficient in a new field after only a year. So, here are some approaches you can take while unemployed, and build yourself a better future.


learn WordPress - Things to do while you're unemployed

With the arrival of new quirky idea’s, entrepreneurs often spread their wings into starting their own business, hence the concept of startups have gone up tremendously in the past decade and the one thing you need to get started apart from having a plan and group of people is a website.

Most of these websites are WordPress sites.

In terms of a job opportunity, knowing how to use WordPress will not only get you a short term job of creating a website but also do keep in mind that the startup will need someone to update it and maintain it.

Of course, learning WordPress without any previous knowledge is challenging but, it’s not that hard. You can go through numerous video tutorials before you get started.

If you want to switch into a new career path as well, you’ll be surprised with just how many web design job offers there are on a recruitment platform. Once you manage to find your way around WordPress, all that remains is to get acquainted with some of its quality themes and you’ll be fully equipped to take on any job offer. So, if you are unemployed and in need of a new hobby, start learning and mastering the act of how to use WordPress.

2. WWW.<YourPersonalDomain>.COM

Creating your own website is not only an innovative way to spend your time but also an opportunity to portray your talents and attract Recruiters. ‘Your Website’ can be personalized according  to you, your interests and could even include your CV.

You could start off by using a platform like  WordPress to create your own website as part of your portfolio. However, besides creating a website to portray your skills, know that your own website also has a valuable asset on its own which is designed to a specific purpose.

Here’s A Tip: You can create interesting content and become a part of an affiliate program which means that you use your website to sell someone else’s products and get a certain percentage of every sale. Not only is that a smart way to make money, but if you are unemployed, it doesn’t hurt to make a few extra bucks.

Next, think about the topic you want to include on your website. Do you want to create a blogging platform, or maybe you want to create videos, or post edited images? Basically, create engaging content for a certain target audience, which leads to the second purpose of your own domain, the purpose of either helping people, entertaining them or both.

In terms of names, pick a simple catchy name and not something overly complicated to track. The name of your website becomes your brand name at some point and quality branding is important.

The last thing to keep in mind is your Web Hosting and website’s code complexity influencing its loading speed. If your site needs more than 5 seconds to load a single page, then visitors are very likely to leave without giving it a chance. But overcoming these issues are not a problem.

You can buy your domain and even host it from GoDaddy, who are India’s biggest domain sellers, at a price as cheap as Rs 99/year. Didn’t know it could be this cheap? Well, you can thank us later.

Here are a couple of personal websites for your inspiration:

-> Abhinav Chikara, Freelance Designer

-> Varun Mayya, CEO @ Jobspire


Blogging is a fun hobby. It is easy to become a blogger or a video blogger. A relatively easy activity to pull off, and requires very less effort plus, this is a hobby you can continue to pursue, even once you have found a new job. Blogging can also be turned into a different career option and if you want a full-time job that could generate profits.

Although your posts and content are to be themed according to your choice, it needs to cover a certain criterion of what is currently  trending on the internet, especially on social media. Blogging is a fun hobby but does require a lot of your time, because you can’t just produce content, that has been copied from something else. It needs to be original and cover a personal touch of you yourself. As a blogger, myself, know that this activity is very time-consuming, but it is definitely worth it especially when you receive results.

If you are new at this and have very little idea as to how you should go about, do check out -> The Only Guide You Need To Start Blogging 


The best perk of becoming a freelancer is that you only have a job as and when you wish to work.

Tired of working for the same old boss?

Get into freelancing and if you are currently unemployed, then there is nothing stopping you from becoming a freelancer. You can be a freelance writer, graphic/web designer, photographer and so on. The opportunities in the field of freelancing are endless.

You can sign yourself up with any of the freelancing marketplaces (Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer are the most popular ones in the industry) for free and start connecting with clients who you think you can provide your services too. This step at least pushes you out of the completely unemployed zone.

The Job of a freelancer is different from others, but the works of it are pretty much similar. You will need a resume that mentions your work experience and a platform to portray your talents. If you have a blogging portfolio or a website, it is certainly going to increase your chances significantly.

Make your platform creative and user-friendly. This not only increases your chances of getting hired, but it will create a portal to keep updating your work. Freelancers can make a lot of money as long as the quality of the work is good. So go all out, use Social Media as your biggest platform to promote yourself.

Besides these basic points, the smart way to keep yourself occupied and produce productive work is by acquiring a new skill. Your skill does not require you to sit behind a desk and work a 9-5 schedule. You can play with fire by taking up projects and task that are way out of your comfort zone. You could become a YouTube star or even start taking cooking classes if that’s what satisfies you.

The whole reason you left that job was to start doing what you enjoy, so do take the time to focus on one thing at a time, dedicate yourself to stick to it and enjoy doing what motivates you.

If you really are sick and tired of your current job due to whatever reason may it be, and are not comfortable going the unemployment route yet, a JOB CHANGE is what you need. Look for a workplace which is culturally strong where you can grow and develop as an individual while having fun at the same time.

Jobspire can help you find the perfect job! And the best part is that you can take a sneak peak into the company’s culture, understand their business, listen to their team members (your possible future colleagues) and then decide whether that’s a fit for you or not.

If you think being unemployed it the worst thing in the world, then just know that although it might seem that way, it is not.

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