Imagine a parallel DC universe where Batman was your boss, what would that be like? We’ve got some ideas

You wouldn’t have to work late

Batman has a night job and he wouldn’t want you guys hanging around in the office when he’s off being a vigilante. So no late night emails or calls from him. Win!

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Don’t be surprised if you find him lurking everywhere

The man’s got a history of hiding in dark corners. So, don’t be surprised when he pops out from behind the water cooler.

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You would get a lot of free, cool tech

Batman is a man defined by his awesome gadgets. Working for him definitely means you will be getting your hands on some free stuff. And with Lucius Fox as CTO they are going to be one of a kind.

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You could never dress as The Joker during your Halloween Party

Every man’s go to costume since The Dark Knight has been Joker. But if you are working for The Bat, you are going to have to put down that red lipstick.

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Batman always sounds pissed

Bale’s Batman has made his voice iconic. But imagine meetings with that Voice, he’d always sound angry and worse you can’t even see enough of his face to know otherwise.

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Family Day at work would probably get awkward

Bringing your family to work would probably be a *bit* awkward. What with your boss being an orphan and definitely still holding on to some “mommy & daddy” issues, best to avoid the whole thing completely.

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Think of the hot villains who would be hanging around

Batman has some really attractive villains, think Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and imagine having them visiting. Could your day get any better?

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Let us know in the comments below what you think it would be like to work for Batman and who you’re rooting for in the Dawn of Justice.

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