Continuing our celebration of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we now have the possibility of Superman being your boss. What would it be like to work for The Man of Steel? Let’s explore.


All round nice guy which means your office is going to be pretty easy going.

Unlike Batman, Superman seems like a really chill dude. Your workload will be pretty easy and he doesn’t seem like the type to throw angry fits. And most importantly, he’ll probably give you a hand if you are having a tough time.

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“Cold breath” means bye bye AC

Your boss would be your air conditioning. Throw the man a mint and ask him to cool down the office just the way you like it. Goodbye Indian summers, hello round the year spring.

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You wouldn’t be able to bitch about Superman at work, because he’d probably hear you.

With his enhanced hearing and X-ray vision, there would be no secrets in the office. He’ll know what everyone is up to and what they are talking about. So maybe think twice before you curse under your breathe.


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You could manipulate Superman with Kryptonite during appraisal season.

You might never need to use this dirty trick with Supes, but it might come in handy someday, I mean he’s still your boss.

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You would never have to do any of the heavy lifting.

With Superman around, you would always have him to carry the heavy stuff and with his super speed, he’ll be done in a jiffy.

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There would be several inexplicable closets in your office.

He needs room to change at a moment’s notice and if he’s the boss, then there are going to be a lot of empty closets around the office. Also, windows, lots of big windows.

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Tell us in the comments below what you think it would be like to work for Superman. And if you are a Batman fan, then you can read about him as the boss here.

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