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Here’s How Work Environment Affects Productivity, And How You Can Maximise It

Any regular office-goer would vouch for the fact that an unhappy workplace leads to an unhappy employee. Research shows that employee productivity is closely related to work environment and more and more companies are emphasising  on cultivating a positive work culture.

As many of us know, the word “office” is anything but inspiring.

Most of the times it’s about a boring and redundant daily schedule. Research shows that being under artificial light for more than 9 hours at a stretch can affect health and sleep patterns.

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Due to all this, businesses these days are focusing immensely on their staff and the work environment that they are in, to boost their productivity.

For maximising results and profits of a company, it is very important to create the right work environment. According to Principles of Management, the two major factors that affect productivity of an employee are:

  • Motivation, and
  • Work Environment

There are various ways to contribute to the motivation, via incentives, personal and professionals support, but all of these are dependent on how an individual takes it up.


Having a positive and harmonious work environment directly contributes to productivity, and as each aspect of the business is directly dependent on other aspects, productivity is no different.

By making a few changes in the layout and setup of the office, companies can benefit from the productivity changes it may cause. These changes may include a change of lighting or arrangement of desks.

Another important thing that can drive results and improve an employee’s connect with the company is the sense of having a personal space in the office. Be it a cubicle, a desk or even an open space.This way they can convert a simple office space into an individual space. Such spaces are much more comfortable and productive to work in.

This contributes to having a positive and happy work environment.

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