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YourStory’s Natasha, telling us her story

We got in touch with Natasha Agarwal, Partnerships and Marketing, YourStory and asked her to share her story with us. Read on to hear about her kickass startup journey and her experiences.


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“White-collared jobs are far from exciting in today’s time. And in today’s fast-paced work scene, my plan was to set my own pace with a startup. I have always been a part of startups ever since I started so I don’t really have a corporate experience to tell the two apart, but I’d like to think I’m on the greener side of the fence.”


How has the journey been so far, we ask. “From Marketing, to client servicing, to operations, to HR, I don’t think there’s a role that I haven’t performed and learned in the short span of my career. If there is anywhere you can gain the most amount of experience and exposure I think it’s at a Startup. When you work with a startup in the early years of your career you don’t have too many people supporting you. It’s been a bumpy ride but given a choice I’d do it all over again.”

It wasn’t long ago when I was a novice in the startup scene, but before I knew it i was heading a strong team under me. You’re bound to find a few bad fish that need a push, sometimes a shove, to drive towards your cause. Overcoming this hurdle with a stern word coupled with much encouragement, aka beer had a small yet priceless impact.

We asked her what her motivation was. “Overall I think working with a startup instills this enthusiasm and spark in you, you wouldn’t get anywhere else. The energy and the vibe around you compel you to work, even on a weekend.”

Anything else that she’d want to share with our audience?   “Just a small quote I keep in front of me at all times : ‘If something is important enough even if the odds are against you, you should still do it’, I think all of us should live by this. Cheers!”

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